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All Gas OG Feminized Seeds | 21%



About All Gas OG

All Gas OG

All Gas OG, formerly known as Asphalt Plant, stands as a testament to the sheer magnitude of this plant. From the sprawling expanse of the plant itself to the nugs it yields, every aspect of this strain boasts an impressive size and potency. The plant is a prolific producer, yielding dense and vibrant green nugs that immediately capture your eye.

Once ignited, the skunky smoke of All Gas OG offers an experience that is not for the faint-hearted. The high it delivers is as robust as the plant, leaving you with a sensation akin to being bitten by a snake – a potent and intense effect that demands attention! Brace yourself for a relaxing experience that invites you to unwind and embrace a state of tranquility.

Notably, All Gas OG is distinguished by its status as a moderate to heavy producer, ensuring a bountiful harvest for those cultivating this strain. The THC levels soar above 20%, marking it as a potent hybrid that commands respect in the cannabis community. You can expect the gas flavor that has become synonymous with high-quality gassy strains, further enhancing the overall appeal of All Gas OG. Prepare for an indulgent journey that combines the pleasures of intense relaxation with the irresistible urge to embark on a snack-filled adventure.


  • Available: Reg, Fem, Auto Fem
  • Parentals: Humboldt Venom OG x Humboldt OG
  • Ind / Sat: Indica
  • Photoperiodic Flowering: 55 Days, Sept.25th-Oct.10th
  • Flavor / Taste / Smell: Skunk, Pine, Orange
  • Effect: Intensely Relaxing
  • %THC: 21%
  • Characteristics: Huge Producer
  • Auto Flower Version: 80-100 Days Seed to Harvest
  • Auto Parentals: All Gas OG x Asphalt OG x Chunkadelic Auto

About the Collaboration

Catskill Seed Co. Has partnered with Humboldt Seed Company, a highly respected genetics preservation company, and breeders of some of the most award-winning cultivars in the industry. Established in 2003 in the legendary Humboldt County region of California, harnessing decades of the highest respected genetic work in the world.  

Disclaimer* – These seeds are strictly for souvenir and adult novelty purposes only, and must remain ungerminated. Germination of these seeds is limited to States or Countries in which cannabis cultivation is legal. Catskill Seed Co. accepts no responsibility or liability for any use that does not comply with local, state, and federal law.


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