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Black Ops Pre-Roll~ Premium Heavy Indica



Black Ops ~ It’s not just a special military operations team, it’s the first of our special series of really serious and terped pre-rolls. This particular pre-roll features King Louis XIII Thca flower.

The aroma is a majestic blend of earthy and pine notes, with subtle undertones reminiscent of a forest in bloom. Inhaling its essence reveals a smooth and robust profile where the earthiness reigns, enriched by hints of woody pine. Each exhale is a regal journey, leaving a lingering herbal sweetness on the palate.


King Louie XIII THC-A Flower isn’t just about its tantalizing taste; it commands a potent experience. With elevated levels of THC-A, this strain offers a majestic and euphoric high, ideal for those seeking a journey into serene relaxation. As its effects unfold, a regal wave of tranquility blankets both mind and body, harmonizing euphoria with deep relaxation. King Louis Xiii tests high in Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Linalool.



KING SIZE 1.3gram (avg) weight of flower in every hand rolled and crowned pre-roll.

Elevate with Indica8 Dispensary.


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