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Funny Car Thc Gummies 820mg Total

20 gummies at 41mg Each

25mg CBD

15mg D9-THC

1mg D9-THCp



This incredible edible is not for the weak. Packing a substantial 15mg of Hemp derived D9 THC and a generous portion of THCp (some say 30 x more potent than D9). You can basically see that this is not for a first-time user of THC products. Compliant at testing, the incredible amount of quick-acting THC will elevate your mood and provide a considerable and timely experience.


  • 15mg THC D9 (hemp-derived identical to legal cannabis)
  •  1mg THCp (33 Times Stronger Than THC?)
  • 25mg CBD (Balances the cannabinoid structures)
  • Contains 20 gummies
  • 820mg total cannabinoids


Suggested dosing is 1/4 to 1/2 gummies for first-time users to establish tolerance. Do not exceed 1 gummy per 24-hour period unless you have a strong tolerance to the psychoactive compounds in this product. Not to be used by persons currently pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of children, pets, and anyone not familar with the use of strong cannabis products.


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